The guidelines are basically the rules.

  1. No vandalism
  2. No vulgar, pornographic or inappropriate content. Don't swear.
  3. Always use common sense.
  4. Do not spam, bully, troll, harass or flame.
  5. Don't post screamers or shock links.
  6. Do not beg for moderation ranks. They are handed out to users who are trusted.
  7. Blocks will be given to you if you break the rules.
  8. If you find vandalism, get rid of it and message an admin. You must message the admin or the troll might come back again and vandalise. The admin will block the troll.
  9. Do not feed the trolls. Just wait for them to get banned.
  10. Have fun here!
  11. One last thing. Remember, Anything related to "Lif" will be deleted. This wiki is about "Lif Serengeti".

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